• Allergy


Allergodip® is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for the semi-quantitative determination of Specific IgE in serum or plasma. Allergodip® comes with ready to use reagents and does not require any laboratory equipment. A number of panels are currently available with regional panels available upon request.

Code Description Pack Size Shelf-life CE-marked Downloads
38002060 Allergodip® Food - Poland 10 18 months Yes IFU MSDS
38006000 Allergodip® Inhalant 10 18 months Yes IFU MSDS
38007000 Allergodip® Food 10 18 months Yes IFU MSDS
38009000 Allergodip® Mediterranean 10 18 months Yes IFU MSDS
38010006 Allergodip® Mites and More 10 18 months Yes IFU MSDS

All products to be stored at 2°C to 8°C

Test Principle

  1.  Specific IgE from the sample binds with the allergen coupled to the solid phase.
  2. Unbound material is removed in a washing stage with water.
  3. Enzyme labelled anti-IgE is added which binds to any specific IgE.
  4. Unbound anti-human-IgE is removed in a washing stage with water.
  5. Substrate is added and the solution is incubated.
  6. The intensity of the blue colour is compared with the colour chart and the amount of specific IgE can be estimated using a class scoring system.


Diagnostic specificity: 100 %
Diagnostic sensitivity: < 97.5 %


Features and Benefits

  • Both serum and plasma can be used - Provides flexibility in testing
  • Ready to use reagents - saves time and reduces error
  • Minimal hands-on time - Frees up time for other activities
  • Integrated positive and negative controls - Ensures quality of results
  • No equipment required - No capital expenditure or service contract
  • High concordance with EAST/CAP/SPT - Ensures quality